Friday, June 12, 2009




From Principal’s Desk:

We feel a sense of pride and contentment at the successful culmination of the first academic session that was profuse with vibrant activities and this has furthered the inspiration to undertake more challenges in the year to come here. In the Colonel academy we are committed to a vision to prepare our students to accept the challenges of life by providing them quality education for their intellectual and emotional growth, the focus being on one goal ‘success’. We believe that every child has to be elicited to the fore by tremendous hard work by both the students and teachers, as we all know that there are no short cut for success and no substitution for hard work.

Learning is never confined to four walls of classroom and every opportunity is provided to the students to develop to the students to develop through extra curricular activities. We believe that there lies a speaker, a musician, a poet or an artist, etc, hidden in every student. Hence, through-out. the session students have been encouraged equally to display their talent. Again in this session we are prepared for more vibrant activities and we are sure the colians are going to do so with enthusiasm.

The new session began on 2nd April with lots of energy and vigor. The new colians were welcomed, the topers of the past session were applauded and pledge was taken to enrich our new journey.

The months of April & May have been devoted to establish the mathematical ability of the students. A well designed syllabus has been prepared and maximum maths classes were devoted. To apprise the foundation a Maths Round up competition was held on 23rd April ‘09.

This were the activities of the first months of the new session. The students were filled with enthusiasm and are looking forward for the forth coming activities.